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What's the Eternal Pose Project?


Do you remember this ending?

This is what the ''Eternal Pose Project'' is all about.

I've always liked this ending but it only covers from the beggining of the story to Water 7. Now that the Straw Hat Pirates have covered the first half of the Grand Line I thought it was time to make something better.

My goal is to make a new video with the full version of the theme with pics of all the crew from the beggining of the adventure to the reunion in Sabaody. It'll take a lot of time, but I think it can look really good.

I'm going to include this:

- Chapter 0 (Straw Hats kids)
- Romance Dawn (first appearance of the 5 first members of the crew)
- Arlong Park
- Loguetown
- Whisky Peak
- Little Garden
- Drum
- Alabasta
- Jaya
- Skypiea
- Davy Back Fight
- Water 7
- Enies Lobby
- Water 7 (II)
- Thriller Bark
- Sabaody Archipelago
- Strawhat's separation
- Luffy during Amazon Lily, Impel Down & Marineford
- Strawhat's separation (II)
- Reunion 2 years later
- Specials

I'll be uploading thumbnails of random characters in random arcs, not in a specific order. And of course I'm still making other stuff like the chibis, colorings, etc.

I hope you enjoy this!!!


Hissatsu... Tabasco Boshi!
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I have enough commissions now. Don't send me more notes, please! I'll open them again soon!

- Only Paypal allowed.
I won't work with +18 stuff.
- I can refuse a commission if I'm not comfortable with it. I might not feel good enough to do something...
- Send all the info you might think I need to work. Any specifications/requeriments are allowed!
- You can choose if I upload the work to my gallery with or without a watermark or you want it for private usages.
- Even if you want something that isn't specifically here, you can ask!

This is what I can do:

- Manga/Anime Colorings -

· I can color any manga/anime stuff you want, but remember that my anime-ish style may not be appropriate with certain mangas (realistic ones).
· I'll need the panels/pages to work with.
· If there are a lot of characters, price may increase.
· If it's One Piece stuff, you'll get a 10% discount.

1. Small panel - 5€
One Piece 333 - Versus a friend by SergiART

2. Medium panel - 7.5€
One Piece 702 - Roronoa Zoro by SergiART One Piece - Any last words? by SergiART One Piece 732 - What's with your head? by SergiART

3. Big panel - 12€
One Piece - A lady is... by SergiART One Piece 741 - Pirate Usopp! by SergiART

4. Full pages, big illustrations - 20€
 One Piece - New Age by SergiART One Piece 746 - Stars by SergiART

5. Restored screenshots - 10€ ~ 20€ (depends on the characters/difficult)
One Piece - We are! by SergiART One Piece - To Green Bit! by SergiART

- Pokémon stuff -

6. Trainer ID (with your OC, a character from the anime, etc.) - 15€
Pokemon - Kalos Journey by SergiART

7. Pokémon crossover (with your OC, an anime character, whatever you want...) - 7€ ~ 12€ (depends on the Pokémon, you can't compare Pikachu with Mewtwo)
One Piece x Pokemon - Luffy x Aipom by SergiART One Piece x Pokemon - Usopp x Nuzleaf by SergiART

- Other stuff -

8. Chibi character - 7€
Chibi Straw Hat Pirates by SergiART

9. Custom Wanted Poster - 10€
One Piece - Usopp wanted poster? by SergiART Monkey D. Luffy wanted poster? by SergiART

10. Custom Jolly Roger - 7€
Jango Jolly Roger by SergiART

11. Simple portrait - 7€
One Piece - Usopp by SergiART

12. Portrait with background - 10€
One Piece - Sniper Usopp by SergiARTOne Piece - Love Cook Sanji by SergiART

13. Random stuff (price varies)
One Piece Alphabet by SergiART One Piece - Straw Hat Pirates (remake) by SergiART

14. Linearts (price varies)


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